Enables Roblox ESP box script (wallhack) Works on any game.

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How to use scripts?

Copy the script that is at the bottom
Run the injector that suits you
After opening the injector, insert the script into it and put it into the game.


We do not create scripts, we post them, if you have any problems with the script itself, contact its author. (The author of this script: Indiot <3#0338)

A script is an instance of a base class that contains a place section. It is encoded in the Lua language, but with additional changes. After execution, scripts are usually run automatically and have access to the events and properties of the place. Scripts have the ability to work inside a Workspace or Server Script Service. Scripts are a fundamental element for Roblox Studio, and they are the basis for creating placemarks.

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while wait(0.5) do for i, chit in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do if chit:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then if not chit:FindFirstChild("EspBox") then if chit ~= game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character then local esp = Instance.new("BoxHandleAdornment",chit) esp.Adornee = chit esp.ZIndex = 0 esp.Size = Vector3.new(4, 5, 1) esp.Transparency = 0.65 esp.Color3 = Color3.fromRGB(255,48,48) esp.AlwaysOnTop = true esp.Name = "EspBox" end end end end